London Fails To Impress

Britain’s summer of sport and the golden jubilee may have lifted the profile of London for expats and tourists, but a one web survey has given the capital’s destination reputation a real hammering.

Rude and dirty were the biggest impressions London made on visitors from around the world who were asked for their opinions on 40 key tourist cities by leading travel website TripAdvisor.

There were 10 categories rated and 75,000 tourists responded – and London fared poorly in them all.

The city was ranked 26th, while Tokyo was acclaimed as the world’s cleanest city for visitors.

And most of these responses came after London’s big clean-up for the 2012 Olympics and Jubilee celebrations.

And when it came to friendliness, Londoners ranked second to last – just above the frosty reception tourists received from the people of Moscow. The world’s friendliest destination is Cancun in Mexico.

Shopping bags London votes

London is also decidedly middle of the road when it comes to getting around. Visitors put the city in 17th place, with Dublin trailing in behind in 21st spot. The best place for travel is Zurich.

Also the capital’s public transport doesn’t fare much better – ranked 15th. Tokyo again claimed the top spot.

But London does fairly well for its taxis. Tourists voted them in at fifth place – and 12th place for the friendliest cabbies.

However, it’s not all bad news – when it comes to being a shopping destination, London is ranked as fourth behind New York in first place – and then Bangkok and Dubai.

London was rated above Tokyo, Hong Kong and Paris as a shopping destination.

Lisbon was rated as the best value-for-money destination, while and London was in the bottom five – even with its plethora of free museums, parks and attractions.

Frosty reception in Moscow

More worryingly for London is that when asked about safety, visitors placed the city in 28th spot. Tokyo was considered to be considerably safer.

Moscow was the city considered to be the worst by visitors for friendly locals and cabbies, taxis and shopping.

A Tripadvisor spokesman said: “London still remains one of the world’s most popular places to visit and no doubt travellers will continue to rave about it. Indeed, in our Travellers’ Choice Awards, London was voted as being the best city in the world to visit so the recent study shows that perhaps even great cities can’t be perfect in every way.”

Indeed, in Trip Advisor’s previous survey, London picked up the title for best world, Europe and UK destination.