Generation Y May Lack Leadership Skills

A research project into the potential management abilities of Generation Y – the children born in the 80s and 90s – has thrown up some startling findings. A big surprise is despite a sophisticated education and lifestyle, they lack life skills and experience which will affect the ability of future leaders to make decisions and […]

Riddle Over Dud Cheques Deal For Expats In UAE

There is still confusion in the UAE over whether expats can be jailed for using dud cheques to back up loans. Last October, there was a royal decree ordering Emirati citizens could no longer be jailed for bouncing cheques. The use of post-dated cheques is widespread and often used by businesses and individuals as a […]

Stretching your tax free income with this life cover

Here’s a good way to stretch your tax-free investment allowances even if you have used up you ISA and pension limits for the tax year. Expats who are still UK taxpayers can invest some extra cash tax free in to a ‘relevant life plan’ by including the policy in their employment benefits package. The policies […]

London Fails To Impress

Britain’s summer of sport and the golden jubilee may have lifted the profile of London for expats and tourists, but a one web survey has given the capital’s destination reputation a real hammering. Rude and dirty were the biggest impressions London made on visitors from around the world who were asked for their opinions on […]

Pot luck as US states vote to grow cannabis

Some US states have legalised marijuana which is leaving campaigners happy but also a lot of police officers nervous – and property landlords even more so. Colorado, Massachusetts and Washington are set for a confrontation with the Federal government since marijuana is still illegal under Federal law. Advocates of the law say it will bring […]

Snoring can add pounds to your retirement savings

Those endless sleepless nights spent awake listening to the snorting and wheezing of a snoring bed partner may turn out to be worthwhile for some. Snoring is recognised as a common symptom of the night time disorder sleep apnoea – and if sufferers are diagnosed with the complaint, they can claim for an enhanced retirement […]

QROPS for the self-employed and small business owners

More than half of the self employed and small business owners have pension savings for their retirement despite difficult trading over recent years. Many working for themselves seem unaware that the government will top up their pension contributions within lifetime allowance and annual limits. This means every £80 of contributions paid by a retirement saver […]

Euro jobless total climbs 10% in a year

The number of jobless in the eurozone area jumped by more than 10% in a year, according to the latest statistics. Unemployment numbers were up just 0.1% between April and May this year – but year-on-year the figures show an increase of 1.1%. For the European Union as a whole, the figures show similar increases […]

Auto-enrolment may cause problems for higher earners

From October this year, employees in the largest firms in the United Kingdom will be automatically enrolled in workplace pension schemes by their employers. Deductions will be made from their salaries and paid into occupational schemes. The system will then be rolled out across the board to smaller employers, until eventually every employer will have […]

QROPS – how does it work?

If you are thinking about getting a QROPS, there are two steps that your QROPS adviser will take when you make your appointment or initial telephone call. Assess your current situation and consider your aspirations Firstly, the QROPS adviser will ask how long you intend to remain outside of the United Kingdom. This is relevant […]